The Pinnacle@Duxton

A turnstile separates the sky gardens of The Pinnacle@Duxton from the landing where visitors riding the elevators are dropped off. It is full-height and moderately slatted, such that the view of the opposite side is cut up in slivers. As turnstiles do, it rotates in only one direction, yielding in intervals to residents of the housing complex and paying guests before locking in place once again.

Three days earlier I had chanced upon an acquaintance I knew from Taipei. We had met up in Katong the day after, and again on this day, at a coffee shop in which the bareness and grayness of the walls hinted of impending closure. It would be our last meet-up before I flew off the next morning, and we wandered through the neighborhood before he dropped me off here, at the entrance to the gardens.

It’s a trope of movies, books, video games, television: a portal to better, less trodden, more wondrous things, through which we pass but cannot return. “Go,” someone says, as a building collapses or an invading army approaches, and we do, afraid we are saying goodbye for the last time. I live it every time I pass through an airport gate and wonder if ever again I will see the loved ones I leave behind.

And I lived it here. We said goodbye, and as I pushed through the gate, I was momentarily dazzled by the abundance of pink-blue sky, which kissed the tops of skyscrapers and towering mechanical cranes. Behind me was my friend, his face obscured by the turnstile, who seemed already to be swallowed by the darkness, moving toward an elevator that would take him fifty stories down and return him to the world below.

Ahead lay the entire city, its silhouette trapping the last rays of sunlight.


The Pinnacle@Duxton is a public housing development most notable for the open-air sky garden on the fiftieth floor, which is open to the public (payment is via an EZ-Link card sensor outside the turnstiles). The garden wraps around the towers of the development, providing unimpeded views of Singapore, with plenty of benches and chairs on which to sit. Sunset is particularly gorgeous.

1 Cantonment Rd, Singapore
Mon-Sun: 09:00-21:00
1800 225 5432

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