Hong Kong

Victoria Peak

In the rare instances I woke up early as a child, I saw the world anew. Usually those mornings followed bouts of jetlag, when a trans-Pacific flight had spurred me awake, and I would lie restlessly in the dark while beside me my mother and brother slept. As day broke, I would peer out into the streets and watch a world creak into motion.

Now that I live in Asia and the largest time difference I face is between Bangkok and Sydney, the chances of jetlag are slim. Irregular working hours and a self-defined schedule mean that at home I can sleep in. I almost always do. When I travel, though, the nagging urge to maximize my time, or the sensation of being in a bed that is not my own, bring me out of my slumber faster than usual so that, on the luckiest days, I am awake to see the sunrise.

It was a lucky day the morning I walked to The Peak Tram: the sky, unnaturally blue; I, unnaturally energized. I arrived at the summit before the flag-waving tour guides, before the crowds, before, even, the store opening hours. On this first trip to Hong Kong, seeing the cityscape for the first time, there was a sense of discovery I’m delighted I can still feel.

Just me and the world.

Tourist trap though it were, Victoria Peak still offers the most sweeping views of the city, and the Peak Tram is still the most efficient mode of transportation for scaling it. Be sure to arrive early in the mornings; you will regret the lines if you don’t. Savor the journey in the funicular, since, apart from the stellar vantage point, there’s not much on The Peak in the way of entertainment. For the adventurous, a trek up to the Victoria Peak Garden is worth considering.

33 Garden Road, Central, Hong Kong
Mon-Sun: 07:00-24:00
2522 0922
32 HKD (return trip: 45 HKD)

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